We Provide our Search Engine Optimization Service only for Select Business.

At Buscemi IT Solutions, we choose our clients very carefully. We wish that we could help everyone that requests our services, but we must restrict our client load in order to ensure that each of our customers gets the attention they deserve. It is with this level of diligence that we are able to guarantee that your business will see the biggest increase in sales in the shortest amount of time.

We have 3 major criteria for new clients:

1. Your company is already active with steady business. Our ideal clients are already running smoothly, but have a desire to grow their revenue and reach. Please note that we do not work with start-up companies, adult websites, or quick money making schemes.

2. Your business has stabilized with a decent amount of clients and leads. So you’re fairly present in your market, selling your services, and obtaining consistent web traffic.

3. So far you have established a fine reputation with good quality products and/or services.

If you think your company meets the above requirements, and you’d like to schedule a short (half hour or so) call to start growing your business ASAP, then we’d love to hear from you. To get started today, please fill out the discovery form you see here.

This form will give us an idea about your business, products and services that you offer, competition you’re facing, etc. We will carefully review this information and create a custom objective for your company, with the goal of increasing your revenue in the most efficient way possible.