Paid Advertising Services

Building digital visibility can be a time-consuming process. Populating on the top search engine result pages takes time, after all. That’s where paid search advertising comes in: it can give your brand a quick boost to your marketing efforts and help you improve online visibility.

An Effective, Short-Term Marketing Strategy

Paid search campaigns, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, are an inexpensive and scalable form of web marketing. When someone searches for keywords related to your business, your PPC ad will appear on top of the organic search results, or the “paid sponsors” section. Each click on your ad costs a small designated amount, depending on the cost-per-click. PPC ads are, therefore, a useful online marketing tool for any industry.

  • Targeted leads – Your potential customers only see your ads when searching for a particular keyword, making them more likely to follow through with a purchase.
  • Increased exposure – Appearing on search engines is a powerful way to enhance your web presence.
  • Increased traffic – Listings that appear higher up on Google’s search results receive more visitors than other pages buried deep in the latter pages.
  • Cost-effective advertising – You only need to pay for clicked ads, and you might end up earning more than what it costs to place them.

Enhancing Paid Search Experiences at the Right Moments

Search keywords are an essential tool when you want to understand consumer intent. At Buscemi IT Solutions, we look beyond mere keyword search. Our team focuses on understanding consumer motivations to deliver highly personalized paid search experiences to boost your revenue.

We use the best tools in the industry to manage PPC campaigns and drive brand engagement for your business at the lowest cost.

  • PPC advertising. Bid for ad placement on a search engine’s sponsored links. If your attention-grabbing ad has relevant keywords and landing pages, as well as a precisely targeted audience, you’ll win the bid and get a high placement for your ad.
  • Search channels. Make customers find your business on search engine portals like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. We use Google AdWords, Bing ads, mobile advertising, and local search marketing to increase your business exposure.
  • Display ads. These ads are the boxes that appear on top of web pages and other areas devoted to paid advertising. We use effective types of online displays like text ads, eye-catching images, and interactive videos for quick conversions.
  • Affiliate advertising. Our team can connect you with profitable affiliates and networks. Since affiliate marketing involves paying affiliates a percentage of the revenue for generating conversion or you, we can help them bring in more visitors through more visitors to your site with their marketing efforts.

Let Buscemi IT Solutions help you develop a successful and cost-effective PPC management plan for your business or industry. Our customized strategy will help increase clicks from visitors and drive valuable engagements.

PPC Small Package

$ 1200 0
per month

For campaigns with small ($1,001 - $3,000)/mo budget. Includes Search Network Campaign only.

PPC Large Package

$ 3000 0
per month

For campaigns with large ($5,001 - $10,000) / mo budget. Includes Search Network Campaign, Display Network, and Remarketing.

Optimized Landing Page

$ 4796 0

Landing Page creation for your Paid Advertisements based on optimal Conversion Rate principles